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United Technology Industrial Support Services division’ s objective to assist our various clients with qualified, experienced and quality personnel to meet client requirements and share the knowledge and expertise we gained over the past few Years by executing various project in Kingdom. United Technology can provide Expert advise on all aspects of operations. The value of United Technology Services lies as much in their independence as in their technical competence. Management Strategy must be defined and understood. United Technology can provide independent advice on appropriate operations and maintenance strategies and review accountability and authority levels, cost reporting procedures, budget development and control and overall system and procedure by management control is exercised. This is an added advantage to our clients especially when executing projects for Saudi Aramco /SABIC/SCECO etc. As United Tech Est. is in the field of Engineering and contracting services, we can effortlessly identify and mobilize the suitable personnel’s from our own resources on very short notice
We take pride in our reputation for expertise, craftsmanship, durability and commitment to service. We are proud to be a world leader in manufactured housing. We have earned the confidence of our clients who are concentrated in the oil and gas, mining, engineering, construction, seismic, construction industries. We have helped them with their short and long term housing and accommodation needs and they keep on coming back to avail of our products and services.
We supply and erect all types of scaffolding to all sectors from a small private extension to large national companies. We would welcome all contract enquiries from you regardless of location or value. Our success is down to our reliability and competitiveness arriving on sites when we say we will, always satisfying site schedules giving excellent value for money for the level of service we give. We specialize in crash decks and support scaffolds with all calculations, risk assessments and method statements available upon request. A positive step that we have been able to achieve over recent years has been the establishment of a scaffolding traineeship that will benefit UNITED TECHNOLOGY Industrial Scaffolding, our clients and the industry. UNITED TECHNOLOGY Industrial Scaffolding has recruited 19 scaffold trainees so far and has currently recruited another class of 12 as well as one Administration Trainee. The company believes this is the best way to have a controlled growth of industrially trained scaffolders.